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Satronics:  Dowa 220v to 110v/120v step down converters

A step-down converter relating to this manual can also be called a Dowa 220v to 110v output voltage converter. This voltage converter will convert the ac mains that you find in your home or office outlet socket which is 220v to 110v/120v output. Thus, you can now use an appliance that you may have bought from the USA or any other country where the appliance is designed to work on 110v or 120v to work for example in South Africa which has mains voltage of 220v ac.

Note: This converter is NOT a backup supply for loadshedding.

The next step is deciding on which model to choose. The model of the converter must be rated at 40% higher than the appliance. The reason we recommend the converter should be rated a minimum of 40% higher than the appliance, is that this allows for power surges. Power surges can be during municipal power outages, or certain appliances like motor driven appliances that may require short bursts of additional power then what is stated in the manual or label on appliance, for example angle grinders or any motor driven fluctuating power loads.

The power rating of the appliance can be found in the manual or a sticker underneath or side of the appliance.

There will be no conversion of the mains frequency. North American appliances are listed as 110v or 120v input and 60Hz. Whereas in South Africa the mains frequency is shown as 220v at 50Hz. Generally, most appliances designed for 60Hz which are operated on 50Hz would have a negligible effect. Certain appliances may be affected be timing and motor efficiency. If in doubt in this regard, contact the manufacturer of the appliance to determine if the frequency difference will affect the appliance.

When you require to use the converter as a step up. This is, using converter on 110v mains input voltage, with 220v appliance. Contact Satronics for additional setup information.

Satronics converters’ recent upgrades include additional safety features like overload protection, thermal fuse, current fuse, and complies to local and international certification.

How to choose the correct Satronics converter for your appliance 

DW100: Recommended for appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 71 watt or less.

DW300: Recommended for appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 214 watt or less.

DW500: Recommended for appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 357 watt or less.

DW1000: Recommended for appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 714 watt or less.

DW2000: Recommend appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 1428 watt or less.

DW5000: Recommended for appliances rated at 110v/120v with total power of 3571 watt or less.


Plug three pin SA plug into mains socket. Plug your North American three pin or two pin plugs into any of the front panel sockets. You can plug in more than one appliance into the front panel, however the total power of all the appliances should not exceed the recommended maximum watts. There will be a slight AC hum from the transformer when switched on. When not in use switch off the converter. In case the converter is overloaded the fuse will blow. Spare fuses are provided. The 220v/110v covered switch on the back panel is not to be moved if the converter is used in SA. If you intend using the converter in North America, contact Satronics and additional setup information will be provided.

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