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Step Down Voltage travel converter , convert US appliances to work in SA, 100 watt

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To convert 220V to 110V and use USA 110V appliances with a 220V mains supply, you’ll need a step-down transformer. Here’s how it works: Step-Down Transformer: A step-down transformer reduces the voltage from 220 volts down to 110 volts, making it safe to use lower voltage appliances and devices. This is a common practice in homes and buildings that use both 220V and 110V systems. Capacity: When choosing a step-down transformer, consider the wattage requirements of your appliances. For heavy-duty items, ensure the transformer has an adequate capacity. You can find step-down transformers with various wattage ratings.   Safety Measures: Unplug any appliances connected to the 220V outlet. Install a 220V to 110V converter into the outlet. Connect your 110V appliance to the converter socket. Look for transformers with a capacity suitable for your specific needs. Remember to follow safety guidelines and choose the right equipment to ensure a smooth transition from 220V to 110V for your appliances!