Convert 220v mains to use on a 120v appliance. Step down voltage transformer. Reliable new designed voltage converter to use US appliance on 220v ac mains.

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Step down Voltage Converter 220v AC to 110v AC, 300w

Original price was: R1,299.00.Current price is: R1,100.00.
Convert your USA 110/120v appliance to work on SA 220v mains

Step down Voltage Converter 220v to 110v ac, 1000w

220v mains to 110v appliance converter, 1000 watt. The recommended maximum wattage of appliance connected to the converter should be 714 watts or less.

Step Down Voltage travel converter , convert US appliances to work in SA, 100 watt

Original price was: R999.00.Current price is: R899.00.
To convert 220V to 110V and use USA 110V appliances with a 220V mains supply, you’ll need a step-down transformer. Here’s how it works: Step-Down Transformer: A step-down transformer reduces the voltage from 220 volts down to 110 volts, making it safe to use lower voltage appliances and devices. This is a common practice in homes and buildings that use both 220V and 110V systems. Capacity: When choosing a step-down transformer, consider the wattage requirements of your appliances. For heavy-duty items, ensure the transformer has an adequate capacity. You can find step-down transformers with various wattage ratings.   Safety Measures: Unplug any appliances connected to the 220V outlet. Install a 220V to 110V converter into the outlet. Connect your 110V appliance to the converter socket. Look for transformers with a capacity suitable for your specific needs. Remember to follow safety guidelines and choose the right equipment to ensure a smooth transition from 220V to 110V for your appliances!