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Product SKU: DOWA60

PA amplifier Dowa 60

Public address amplifier for small to medium applications. 60 watt rms and 120 watt peak wattage. Has 12v or 220v ac input with 100v line

This model operates both on 220V mains power
and 12V DC.
- The speaker outputs are available as 100V and
70V as well as 4.8 and 16 ohms low-impedance
- MIC input 1 has microphone priority override.
- Treble and bass controls; Bass control adjustable
- + 12dB and treble control adjustable + 12dB.
Cd input on rca socket
60 rms , 120 watt max

2. LED power indicator light
3. Master volume control
4. Microphone ECHO control
5. Microphone Time control
6. MIC1 volume control
7. MIC2 volume control
8. MIC2 input
9. MIC1 input
10. Bass controls
11. Treble controls
12. AUX1 Volume control

1. Low impedance outputs and 100V
2. and 70V speaker outputs
3. DC Fuse
4. DC inlet holder
5. AUX1 input
6. AUX2 input
7. AUX out
8. AC inlet holder
9. AC fuse

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